Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Pirates and Legos and Who oh my!

So I'm going to admit that my posts may be a bit slack over the next 2 weeks. With Fan Expo next week and me moving this weekend, plus my daughter's 2nd birthday this weekend I have been CRAZY busy and to top it all off my allergies have been kicking my but! (I swear my nose is about to jump off and run down the street). With all that being said I am hoping to have something and to do some more direct posting over Fan Expo Weekend (which you can follow on my twitter profile @sylvanfire). (image: the Mary Sue)
I am very excited about my costume creation at the moment (1 week to go)... I have managed to finish my helmet and start a skirt. The heads for my Snow costume are almost complete and I think I've come up with a plan for the finishing touches. 

On another note I was very excited when I read on the Mary Sue that Lego is actually planning on putting out the Dr. Who set created by Andrew Clarke (pictured above). What's cool is that I love the Lego voting site and have actually voted for this set to be made. I think I may need to start investing in Lego Sets for display purposes. No, I'm not buying them for my kids. When they get old enough to want Lego Sets like this they can ask but I have my own toy and doll collection that gets displayed in front of my books on the book shelves. This one would be great in front of some of my Sci-Fi / Fantasy collection. 

So a short post today (because I never do shorter posts... HAHAHAHA.... um right). But I thought I'd actually post a picture of me... what's that! I do exist outside of the Interverse. Here's me in my Corporate Pirate Finest for a company picnic lol.
Ain't I just Arrrguably Smashing LOL.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on