Friday, August 21, 2015

Funko Friday

Okay I know I did Funko Friday last week but seriously there are too many announcements of cool stuff this week to pass up doing another one. Heck, who would pass up a chance to talk about Lola? Seriously this is a cool Funko! (image: Funko)

Well it appears that September to November there will be a few new lines of Funko products coming out. Just in time for Christmas. (I know you were all thinking it, I just said it out loud... well, wrote it out loud?... hmmm) I'm in love with the Director Coulson with Lola featured above. This is way too cute to pass up having it on my wall. (hint hint... you know who you are!)

Asides from Agent Coulson and Lola we are also getting this adorable holiday Groot. I think he's too cute I just don't know if I can justify having two Dancing Groots on my shelf. This may be a necessity in time.

Announced on the 18th and due to release in September are a line of Gotham Pop!s. As usual they are adorable and cute and remind me of little versions of the bigger characters. (Seriously I think I need to do a search and see if anyone has made fan film Pop versions of TV shows... I'm sure this can be a thing)
I don't know about you but I always seem to be drawn to the "bad guys" in shows. Well at least their Pop figures. There's something fun about an adorable villain. I know out of my current collection one of my favourite is Loki... he's like a baby Loki... squee.

I digress..

The other series that I'm so excited they are coming out in Pop figures is the Once Upon a Time Pop!
Not only can I take home my own Captain Hook (oh how I love Hook) but I can also have a little Regina and a Sparkly Rumplestilskin. Yes I said sparkly...

See see he sparkles like a bad version of a vampire... oups was that my outside voice. Anyway they are both adorable and the rest of the series is awesome. They have Snow and Charming and although Snow White is one of my favourite princesses I just can't seem to like them. Regina is so much cooler and I find a better rounded character but I'm totally getting off topic.

There's just something rather awesome about Regina with her dark hair, beauty mark and apple. She just looks so bad ass even in miniature.

You should go check out all the collections on the Funko Blog. I'd love to hear who you are hoping for next or which are your favourites.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.