Friday, July 24, 2015

Five Fictional Vehicles

With summer upon us there are quite a few people who may be taking trips... so why not go in style. If I lived in a verse that had the ability to take "ANY" sort of vehicle here are my top 5 (and probably a bonus one) that I would like to go on. (Source: MPL)

Okay I know some of these will be the top for a lot of people but you can't help fandom. There are some REALLY cool vehicles out there.

1) The Tardis

Source: blurrent
Of course, the top on most people's list is the Tardis. Who wouldn't want to travel through Timey Wimey with a Doctor. Mind you I totally find some of the Doctor's creepy, but I guess that's part of their charm.

2) At-at

Source: OCN
I know that starwars has a large collection of cool vehicles but I ALWYAS wanted to go for a ride on an At-at walker. There's something cool about seeing these walking across a landscape. Imagine driving this in rush hour traffic. That would be so much fun.

3) Rainbow Bridge

Source: Marvel Wiki
Okay, so I know the Bifrost is not "technically" a vehicle. But seriously that would be a cool ride. There's something awfully exciting about being zipped away to a Galaxy Far Far Away (oups wrong fandom).

4) USS Enterprise NCC-1701

Source: Wikia
Who doesn't want to ride on the Starship Enterprise. Seriously I would be happy riding on any generation of the Enterprise as long as I have a blue... or green... or something safe... suit colour. Maybe I should just avoid all away missions, no matter how cool they may seem.

5) X-Men's Blackbird

Source: Comic Vine
I always loved the X-men and to ride on the Blackbird would hopefully mean I have awesome Superpowers, and seriously who doesn't want cool Superpowers. This vehicle has gone in Space and beyond so it's a little more than a typical Jet.


As usual I have a hard time sticking to just 5, so here's my Bonus Round Vehicle!

Mech Warrior

Source: Gundam Eclipse
I don't know if you technically classify a Mech Robot or Gundam as a Vehicle but I don't care. I want one!!! They are just the coolest vehicles ever!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.