Wednesday, July 15, 2015

All Deadpool all the time!

So Deadpool totally seems to have been the winner of Comic Con from everything I can gather, and I believe with good reason. (Source: Marvel)
Moody Bats and Crazy Quinn's, no matter how exciting, can never seem to beat the excitement of straight up goofy. As much as we all like the heavy hero comics sometimes you need something really light hearted and Deadpool fills the niche.

Now don't get me wrong. This is not a light and fluffy comedy your mom would like. No this is still going to be a hard hitting, Ass kicking, blow up bad guy super hero movie. This is going to be the movie your grandma would wash your mouth out with soap just for watching.

I would like the trailer but leaked version seems not to work anywhere and the actual version shown has not been released to the public yet. From a statement from Ryan Reynolds I guess they are waiting to release it in about 3 weeks, when some of the effects are done better.

As someone who didn't go to Comic Con I get a little annoyed with the previews and releases that are not then released to the general public. But for some reason I trust Ryan Reynolds to help ensure that when we all get to see a trailer for Deadpool, that we will not be disappointed.

In other Deadpool news from Marvel. They are releasing a new Spider-Man and Deadpool book. The team up of Joe Kelly and Ed McGuiness on this project is going to be amazing. With the two most awkwardly funny characters in the Marvel universe, each with their own sense of banter and humour, I am very excited about this.

I admit. I have never been the top fan for either of these franchises. I have been thoroughly enjoying Deadpool lately though, there's something rather awesome about the bad guy/good guy line that seems to get nudged all the time with him. I think I love him for the same reason I love Venom. Chaotic Neutral characters are just plain fun and exciting. It's like dancing with a knife, you never know if they are going to be graceful and just show you their blade or if they are going to stab you a billion times in the eye and then say "Oops, I slipped!"

So I'll leave you with a little excerpt from the interview with Joe Kelly:
With these two characters hanging out in one book together, the laughs will fly fast and furious to the point where a single comic page might not be able to hold them all.
“Which is why each issue is printed in three point type and sold with a magnifying glass for the full comedy experience,” Kelly quips. “Seriously, I’m having a blast writing the banter. It’s your favorite buddy-cop movie on steroids if it was written by a swill-minded teenager. Guaranteed to make you laugh or Nick will give you your money—
“I have been informed by Mr. White that the book is funny. Period.” Marvel
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