Friday, June 19, 2015

My Favourite Fictional Fashion.

Fashion has always been a major part of any fiction. From books to movie, tv shows to fan fic, we all love the different views of fashion and the inspiration they give us in our daily lives.

Today I give you a list of my 5 favourite fictional fashion. Some are real, some may never be real. 

Monster High

Source: Fanpop
I have to admit... my little gothy sould loves everything there is about Monster High. If I could have the cool shoes and outfits, even the ridiculously long hair that always seems to be under control, I would. Every new movie that comes out there's always some other outfit that wished I could have.

Ever After High

Source: Now in Stock
Ever after high is by the same creators of Monster high, which you can totally tell by the awesome shoes. But I love the way the skirts and outfits are made. I think my favourite is Maddy Hatter but I wouldn't complain about someone making me most of the outfits.

Tinkerbell: Snow fairies
Source: why so blue
Tinkerbell is a family favourite in my household but out of all the movies the one I like the most is the Secret of the Wings and the Pirate Fairy. The Snow fairies have the coolest styles and I always thought I should make the costume of the dark haired fairy sometime to cosplay. Heck if I had those boots I may even wear them to work.

Peggy Carter
Source: Marvel
Peggy Carter is amazing. I love her style and her ability to wear a finely cut suit. As much as I love her the 50's style isn't totally me, but pieces can always be pulled into a look. One of the few (or only) on the list that I can possibly find available to purchase or make, she's definitely a style icon.

Source: RDHorror
I love hackers. A teen of the 90's Libby was my idol. I wanted her hair, her closet... pretty much everything. I loved that they guys were relaxed looking but also had their own sense of style. The fashion in this show was amazing. Heck even now in my 30's I totally want their wardrobes still (not sure how they would feel about me wearing any of these at my work though lol).

I would love to hear about your top fashion favourites.

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.