Thursday, May 7, 2015

Thursday Awesomeness

Today and tomorrow I am out and about with the family before starting a new job on Monday! So I thought we should have 2 days of AWESOMENESS!!! Booyah!

So for day one of our 2 days of AWESOME I have found a collections of things for you! (source for above)

Funko has just released a coming soon for a bunch of fun Minion Pop's for the Movie. I love the Pirate Minion but they also have a series of Mystery Mini Minions which are totally adorable.

I think the mini Minions would be awesome to buy a whole bunch then stage them around your office like they are slowly taking over the place. This is something I am seriously considering doing at my new work place... hehehe... BANANA!

Disney Infinity has just announced that they will be releasing Star Wars on Inifinty 3.0.

If you haven't seen the announcement trailer you should watch it above. I have loved the other Disney Infinity games. I have 1.0 at my house and have played through a portion of the Pirates of the Caribbean. I have not purchased a PS4 so I have been unable to play the newer Infinity 2.0(with the Marvel characters, which makes me sad) and will probably have the same problem with 3.0. It means in time I may have to breakdown and buy the newest system and game so I can manage to collect them all. (I feel like a Disney Pokemon trainer LOL).

I thought I would include an awesome picture for you:

YAY! Baymax vs the Hulk... two of my favourite characters. This could be an epic battle!!

Last for today's Awesomeness, Vinyl Sugar announced a collection of Marvel Dorbz and they are definitely adorable!

Just take a look at this cute Wolverine. I think all the Vinyl Sugar collections are awesome but the Dorbz totally make me go AWWWwwwwww! I really want the Wolverine and Deadpool so that I can have them be friends together.

I hope you enjoyed you brief awesomeness break!
Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.