Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Geeky Arts and Crafts (by some awesome Artists)

Source: Geeks of Doom
Today I was doing some research online and of course I found thing that were totally unrelated to my research. So I thought I'd share them with you because of their Geeky Goodness!
Above is an amazing Crochet of the discworld A'Tuin. I love this crochet and as someone who has done my fair share of Amigurumi (I was quite obsessed when my oldest was a baby) I am very impressed with the above work. I found this on Geeks of Doom (yes that's the site name) and the artist who created it June Gilbank can be found at her site Planet June.

My next cool geeky find was an artist called Will Pigg. While looking online for paper (yes I do that) I stumbled across geeky paper crafts. PopSugar has a full article on the art of Mr. Pig but I thought it best to share his Etsy site as well. You should totally check out his stuff. Here's some amazing examples of his paper crafts (and yes you can buy them as well).

Above is Jack and Sally. OMG this is so beautiful! I totally need this for my wall!!

And the Iron Giant to boot. So amazing!!!

Finally I found something that is fun and great all at the same time. An Etsy store called Geeky Pets!

From cats and dogs to a variety of pets designed in Geeky personality types (like the above Loki Cat), there is something kitch and yet just plain awesome involved. As a dog lover (and a Dachshund owner) I have to include the following: Superwiener!

So much fun!!!

Well, I hope you enjoyed having fun with Crafty artists with me. As an FYI I will be having some awesome Guest bloggers over the next few days. I hope you have a chance to check them out!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.