Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fun Geeky Stuff for a midweek Shlump!

I have been away for a few days for dental surgery but I am alive! I hope you enjoyed my three amazing guest bloggers. They were totally awesome!!! You should go check out their sites, they are linked on each individual post. So for as my return I thought we should have an upbeat happy things day. And what better way to start it than with Pon and Zi.

If you haven't discovered Pon and Zi yet, well now's your chance. They are one of the most adorable web comic series I have ever read. Mostly done in single pane comics they are all about love and a little emo sentiment. I have used them as everything from an avatar to homemade stationnary. The creator Jeff Thomas has an awesome site and blog and stuff you can buy. And you can even get shirts with Pon and Zi on them from inksterinc.

For some cool Geeky News. It was released today that Hot Topic is aquiring Think Geek. Now if you are geeky person who likes geeky things you will probably have already heard of these two companies (if not I will say you must have been living in a hole... but I will forgive you!). The Mary Sue announced this today and I thought it's amazing and scary at the same time. I avoid both sites like the plague. Not because of any issues, purely for the safety and security of my credit card. Now that they will be all in one easy to shop place I may just need to cut up my cards and throw them away before I go into an endless spiral of debt and madness! Muwahahahahahahaha.... ALL THE THINGS!

Anyway, back to reality!

Source: Nerd Approved

Today on Nerd Approved they posted the most adorable Handmade baby mobiles in the world. If it wasn't for the fact that I am happy with my two kids and have sworn never to have any more kids, I would totally consider getting these. I wonder if it would be inappropriate to get a mobile just to hang on your wall?? These mobiles built by Little Wren's Nursery are a geek mom's dream. I especially love the Harry Potter flying key mobile. It's so pretty! (find it here)

Funko has done it again. They are releasing more Mopeez and this time they are DC. Now, as you know I'm not the hugest DC fan, but you can't say no to this little moppey Harley!
Source: Funko
She's just SO CUTE!!! There's a Batman and a Superman and a Robin.... I can go on and on! Slated to be released in August these are just too adorable to pass up. You should check them all out at the Funko Blog.

Now last but not least! Something insanely pretty.
I first seen this Steampunk Snitch necklace on Fashionably Geek but you should totally go check out their Etsy page. Zelas makes quite a few geeky things but these snitch pocket watch necklaces (yes there's a watch inside) have to be one of the most beautiful items they have. There's just something insanely classy and sleak about this craftmanship. Here's the Etsy page for all their stuff!

Well, I hope you have all been well and enjoying the week so far.

Until next time!
Keep on, Geekin' on.