Thursday, May 28, 2015

A How To: Geeking out with your kids!

I don't talk much about my kids other than to acknowledge I am a mom most of the time. But lately I've been really excited to introduce my kids to my geeky loves and even more excited that they are interested. So I thought I would give you all some pointers that I find helpful when introducing them to stuff. (image source: Teen Titans Go Wiki)

1: Be Excited!

I started my oldest daughter's introduction into comics and comic genre's by purely being excited about things. I talk about comics, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and have my own collection of dolls and collectibles. From that she has been able to see that it's fun to be part of this and wanted to know more about the things that Mom was so excited about. This isn't hard! If you love it show it. Your kids will totally follow suit if you include them.

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2: Find something that is Age Appropriate!

My daughter has gotten totally hooked on the Avengers purely from watching the movie Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow. The draw? They were kids! They were funny! And their parents were the "big Mommy Avengers" as she calls them. We have watched this movie A LOT, (as most parents can sympathize with), and we have now been able to watch the first Avenger's Movie because it's no longer scary.  There are a lot of kids geared superhero stuff out there from Teen Titans to X-men: Evolution. You can even find the Lego movies. It doesn't matter what it is! Expose them to things and see what happens.

3: Include them in your Geekdom!

I have my own collections (as stated above) that include dolls and Funko figurines. Well, you can't have kids and a collection without them starting their own. My daughter now has her own dolls similar to mine. The main difference is she plays regularly with hers where as mine sit on stands on display. That goes for her Funko collectibles too. She has a few My Little Ponies and loves to shake the heads of my collection when I let her. I don't mind! If we are out at a comic book store I will let her pick out a book too. I know it may get destroyed and lost but at that moment and for the next week or two she is very excited to sit with her comics on the couch and look at the pictures. She does this too when we go to book stores, she will get a book and look through it for weeks before we even read it sometimes. I try and include them in everything, from making them costumes when I make my own to giving them a choice on what Comic movie we will watch.

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4: Acknowledge there's a LOT of types of Geeks.

I have posted about my daughter's belief that Apple Jack and Rainbow Dash are boys. I have also supported her in anything that she finds interest it. There is so much out there nowadays there's no reason to limit yourself or her to only the things you are interested in. From just sitting with her on the computer, or out at the malls, I have discovered enjoyment and even slight geeky loves of a ton of new things. There are a lot of things out there that are geared at kids but are totally adult appropriate. From My Little Pony to Ever After High, there are a ton of cool things out there. Even the newest Barbie Superhero movie isn't totally horrible, and it makes her believe she can be the hero. There's not a damsel in distress in my house! Boys look out! This also means when she meets other Geeky individuals she's not shocked or rude about differences in appearance or personalities. Kids are very open minded, let them be. Support it and you can be too.

5: Let them believe in Magic.

Kids have an amazing ability called Suspension of Disbelief. What this means is they believe the cartoons they watch to be real. They believe Chris Evans is ACTUALLY Captain America. They think Groot would be an amazing friend to take with them to school and ask if the plants they are growing can become a Groot. They are amazing! Acknowledge it!! Allow yourself to be swept away into the magic of their determination and imagination, because if you do you'll discover you can learn so much more about the world, and not only the Geeky World. Go for walks and help them look for fairies, and gnomes. Enjoy all the Geeky things you love and explore with them all the possibilities.

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So go out there and do group Cosplay! Let your daughters be Captain America, let your sons be Black Widow. It doesn't matter!! Buy comics together. Find games online. Do board games and puzzles and watch movies.

Just remember: No matter what you do this is all new and exciting for them! Let them discover it and enjoy it just like you did!! How else do you think Geeky culture will continue?? You need to cultivate the little Geeks in Training.

Until Next Time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.