Monday, April 13, 2015

Spiders and Ants... Geeky Entomology!

A New Trailer!
I have and will watch every Marvel/Disney movie coming out (pic above found here). Sometimes I'm not too sure about the movie, mainly because I've never followed the comic, but often I am pleasantly surprised. When Guardians of the Galaxy came out I was interested to see it (mainly for the actors... and the fact they had an Ent!) but I didn't know what the story would be about or much about the series in general. I think part of that is what made it good. Less people were going in with preconceived notions of how the actors should be played, what the characters should look like and what should happen in the story line. It has become one of my favorite Marvel movies so far. I love Groot!

For Ant-man I am cautiously optimistic. I haven't hated much about the Marvel/Disney MCU so I think it could be good. I'm not 100% sure about Paul Rudd (I have a hard time seeing him in this sort of role... mainly I just picture him from 200 Cigarettes. LOL). This is the problem with being a 90's kid at times, I see these actors as new and interesting roles and all I can think of is there old movies. I'm not sure about Ant-man's origin. Are they planning on having him as a genius scientist in the movies, like he's portrayed in the Avenger's Cartoon??

So when I wrote the above I realized I should find out the origins and what the MCU is planning (Mostly because I'm nosy). I found a good article on Screen Rant that gave a nice bit of background as well as some other info. It seems pretty cool that they are going the Ant Man 2 era instead of Hank Pym and that Hank Pym was meant to be Cold War Era. Kinda sucks cause I was hoping for a Wasp/Ant-Man story plot but it should definitely be neat.

What do you think??

If you haven't seen the new trailer here is it:

I love the part with the Tomas Train at the end!

Another thing released this weekend is the confirmation of Peter Parker as the MCU Spider-man. I know a few friends that will be disappointed that Miles Morales isn't the MCU Spider-man (at least for now... you never know about the future). I, however, hope they fix some of the past Spider-man movie issues. I really didn't like Toby McGuire as spider-man. I liked the character of Andrew Garfield (I actually liked those movies) because he was a little more sarcastic and smart mouth, which is how I view Spider-man. As per the article in the Mary Sue, I guess they are going Teen age... 15 or 16 year old Spider-man. I like the idea of them using " the 'young, doesn't quite fit in' kid before his powers, and then the fella that puts on a mask and swings around and fights bad guys and doesn't shut up". I think it's the Doesn't Shut Up part that makes me smile the most!
Pic from HERE
I am also extremely excited to see how they have him interact with the Avengers and MCU as it unfolds. I will always be sad that X-Men aren't in the MCU fold... (Wolverine has some of the best interactions with other characters) but at some point in the distant future you never know.

So until next time!
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