Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Cinderella: A Review

So last night I went to see Cinderella, and it was beautiful.
I thought I should do a little review of it today. I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised, I am always a little nervous when they do live action movies based on favourite cartoons, but this one was really well done. Cinderella is a popular staple in my house, both my monkeys seem to like the singing and the simplicity of the tail. It's not so busy and fast pace, as some more modern movies, so it's great to watch when the kids are calming down for nap or the evening. (above pic from HERE)

The new version was awesome. It dealt with things differently from the original cartoon movie, yet it still had some feels that reminded you of the original. (I warn you know, there may be some spoilers from this point on!)

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So I love Cate Blanchette! She is amazing. As the wicket stepmother Lady Termaine, Cate played a strong "villain". I have seen her in a few movies where she was a strong female and I believe she is one of the most versatile actresses around. Her nastiness is just awesome, she's cool headed, strong willed and just plain awful. She is direct in her opinion of Cinderella stating straight out to Cinderella: "A ragged servant girl is what you are and what you will always be". She tries to break Cinderella's will multiple times and similar to the original cartoon she supports her daughters even though she believes them to be "dim witted". Unlike the original cartoon, at times you feel sad for her. You understand that she didn't marry for love but to ensure the stability of her family. You also realize that she is insanely jealous of the relationship between Ella and her father. I'm sure it is hard being the new wife when your husband still madly loves his deceased wife.

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One of my favourite characters in the WHOLE movie is Helena Bonham Carter's fairy godmother. OMG she was fabulous. She's not the demure woman that you may believe she is and the changing of the pumpkin to the carriage was just Fabulous. The Fairy Godmother actually did a few "bibity-bobbity-boops" but there was no singing like the original. When Cinderella meets her, Ms Carter's character appears to be an old woman sitting outside. She asks for milk or bread and Cinderella gives her some milk. Once she drinks the milk (in the most messy and noisy way possible, with a little burp at the end) she turns to Cinderella stating that it's kindness that counts. She then tells Cinderella "I'm your Hairy Dog Father, um Fairy God Mother" and that's it, we can see what kind of awesome fairy godmother we have here. I know I already mentioned it but the Pumpkin scene was awesome.. there's something about a Giant pumpkin growing and exploding into a Carriage, as well as the exchange "I need something that says Coach" "That trough?" "No. That doesn't say coach. I'm liking fruits and veg." I love the Fairy Godmother... when you watch it you'll understand why. I don't want to ruin all the fun.

Cinderella was a nice movie. It was fun and straight forward. I loved that there wasn't any "flash backs" or jumps in timeline (or anything weird and artistic, if you know what I mean). It was sequential and told the tale straight forward. They didn't hide the changes and sorrow in the father's personality after Cinderella's mother passed. They didn't hide Cinderella's sorrow in the loss of her father. The life concept of good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good is quite vivid. No matter how nice Cinderella is her sisters and step mother never treats her well. In the end the sisters seem to have some remorse but the step mother looks defeated. The narrator states that her step mother left the area with the Duke who she conspired with. This is quite fitting and other than the statement you never really know the fate of the Step mother or sisters. It's nice that although Cinderella forgives her, there are still consequences to actions. Nothing is just forgiven and forgotten.

The whole movie the main theme is based on a statement by Cinderella's mother "have courage and be kind" and "When there is kindness, there is goodness. When there is goodness, there is there is magic". Which is a wonderful lesson for all! Cinderella is overly kind and good. It's nice that she doesn't back down or shrink fully from confrontation. She also isn't demure and is comfortable speaking her mind with the Prince (before she even knows he's the prince). It's a great lesson: although you may be in a bad situation you can still be a strong character and have strong opinions. She never wallows in her misery or complains excessively. She states straight out that she isn't treated well but doesn't put it onto anyone else. I think she's just wonderful, if at times a little naive, which is totally part of her charm.

So for now "I have to leave. It's hard to explain... lizards and pumpkins and things..."
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