Monday, March 16, 2015

It's Monday... Lets talk Costumes.

So I've been reading this big discussion on the Mary Sue today about Mr. Erik Larsen's views on some of the new costumes for Female superhero's. How he feels they lack sex appeal and are built specifically to make it less sexy.

It also continues to talk about the different artists weighing in on the discussion. If you want to read it in full find it here!

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So as a female, how likes comics, and likes to cosplay I would like to call BULLSHIT on all the arguments about the changes being due to a minority, due to fans or due to any of that crap. Sometimes things change, sometimes costumes and characters change. I will give you an example:
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Here is Wolverine... we all love and hate and at times love to hate wolverine's costumes. The have been variations of his costume where he is fully clothed, long sleeves, short sleeves, ripped pants, and shirtless. With each variation have we had an upheaval with people shouting from the rafters that the change was due to fan critiques?? No. Have we had people saying that by giving Wolverine longer sleeves or Jeans and a jacket he in no longer to move because it is too constricting?? Well I guess it's different for men and female characters as Mr. Larsen says:

... because bulky clothes actually hinder movement). And in any case--these are lines on paper. People can't fly in the real world...

Well I guess women are more delicate or lack some sort of ability to move... when they have clothing on. I also guess a woman in a leather jacket lacks some sort of sex appeal needed for comic.

What I don't understand is why sex appeal is needed. Do we need the female characters to portray a Sex Appeal that the male characters seldom require. Yes male characters are exaggerated as well, but they are not exaggerated to appease to the sex appeal of women. They are exaggerated in a sense to appeal to the ideal that the artist/fan/whatever had of the male form.

Skin is not needed for the character to fly better, fight better, or save the world any easier. Clothing reduces chafing and rug burns and marks from the fight... I like the new versions.

Look how awesome Batgirl's costume is:
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Or Spidergirl:
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See clothing can still make for an awesome character.

If you have an opinion, as I'm sure you do, feel free to comment. I love a good discussion. As an artist I like all sorts of art on my characters and have drawn them fully clothed and very little. It doesn't change how my character acts, only how they dress.

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