Friday, March 13, 2015

Geekiness and Disney

So I'm debating if I should have posts prepared so that they post on the weekend. Even if it's just something small.

found HERE

What do you think?? Good idea??

Anyway, I've been pretty busy with people and friends and pocket letters and everything. I really am trying to figure out if I want to try and expand my blog... being it's at baby blog level... into intermediate level. How to do this I really don't quite know but it would be neat to have a slightly bigger audience I think. It would also give me a reason to actually prepare more than my daily rants (not that there's anything wrong with my daily rants). LOL.

If you have any suggestions or want to share this blog with a larger audience I would be thrilled. I'm just not quite sure where to start.

Anyway, back to a geeky rant.

I have decided to acknowledge publicly my love of Disney... and Marvel... and Disney LOL. I find so many cute versions of Disney princesses that aren't so "Princess-y" that I almost think I should start a Links Page just to include them in. For now I'm going to start sharing them here...

found HERE
If you haven't already seen them and fell in love with them... here is Pocket Princesses. Think of this scenario: If all the princesses were to live under the same roof what do you think would happen?? Well this artist explored them in the ABSOLUTELY CUTEST ways possible. I will spend minutes *cough*hours*cough* going through all the little drawings. Each one is in the above format and shows them in doing different things. I like the interactions and the unashamed acceptance of each characters "quirks". Go now and take in the cute!

I also found the picture at the top of the post at Tee Turtle. It's actually a shirt you can buy. I've been getting into all the geeky t-shirts lately (who would have guest I'm in my 30's) and am seriously considering spending some invisible money (invisible money is that from credit cards that doesn't actually exist) on some. I think I need to hold off for a few months though being I will be paying for Fan Expo Tickets fairly soon and I don't want to blow my budget.

I have been seeing a variety of re-imagined Disney princesses. It seems to be a theme lately. I think it's awesome (and have done a fair share of my own as well),

Here is a collection of some of the cool ones I have found. The link is attached to the name if you want to see other stuff by the artist.

From Dark:
By Jeffrey Thomas
To Tattooed:
By Timothy John Shumate
To Chibi:
By Meekgeek
To Fashion:
By Sashii-kami

So many styles. So many awesome artists. If you find any more feel free to add them into the comments below.

For now I am off for the weekend. I will try and figure out this weekend how to get an automated post to happen... I'm sure I can figure it out. Just need to actually look into it.

Until next time.

Keep On Geekin' On