Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Doing Lists... for IGGPPC (starting on Day 4)

Oky so usually you start a Lists Challenge on Day 1 but I'm starting on 4 because I missed the first 3 days... if I get a chance I will post lists 1 to 3 at a later date!

Here is the list of Lists.... so for DAY 4 we have Geek girl powers:

1) The ability to love something cute and horrifying at the same time.
2) The ability to argue till I pass out about how much I dislike Halle Berry as Storm and feel the Iman should have played the character.
3) The power to let adaptations be adaptations without feeling like the whole world has crumbled.
4) Being a 33 year old woman with kids who can still wear and design costumes.

Here's a design of my current Cosplay I'm working on for Fan Expo Canada. There may be some things I may change in the actual costume versus the design, and I still haven't decided how I want to make the dwarf shrunken heads... so here's hoping it all comes together.

Until Next Time.