Monday, February 2, 2015

A New Blog and New Life.

WELCOME to all those joining me from Artsy You, and all new followers.

I have decided that starting fresh was the best way to get going with joining my online communities and starting to get involved within other communities who have similar interests to me. I like everything from Comics to anything Marvel Universe, from Board Games to Art. I currently have a slight obsession with Costuming and Cosplay and am starting to attempt at creating stuff for that. I also have been designing my own stuff.

I made shoes!

I had these shoes for years and started not really liking the colour anymore, so I made my own handy dandy comic book shoes with images from Comic Pages, Modge Podge and a Brush. (I am planning on sealing them in time. Once everything is sealed then I won't be so worried wearing paper shoes outside LOL).

So hopefully this will be a start of a new journey where I can share my progress and maybe make new friends who also enjoy all things Geeky.

Until next time.