Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Making my Art Modern!

Okay... so I may not be the most "modern" artist around but I thought I should try and join the 21st century and give my hand at digital art.

What do I mean?

Okay, so at the moment all my art is hand drawn (with pencil and paper)... then I scan it into my computer and print it out... at this point the print of the linework is on thicker paper that I then colour with markers. At this point I then scan the final markered image and set it all up to print (and for your viewing pleasure).

Well, I thought I should attempt to skip a step and do the original sketch on the computer... yup I have a fancy Bamboo Drawing tablet (okay, it's not that fancy and I've had it for a few years but never managed to use it). So I've plugged it in... and did the tutorial... now I'm trying to figure out what I need for it.  (This is a pic of the exact one I have)
about tech

So far I know I can use it with my current version of Photoshop (at least I think I can)... but I really need to figure out the best program to draw and edit in. I'm not really planning on using digital to colour it, even though I know it's possible, mostly because I like doing the hand colouring with markers or watercolours.... so for now I'm just going to try doing the initial sketch.

Hopefully you'll get to see the results real soon... I'll keep you posted on my progress as usual! For now I'm really excited because today is the Head Start program for school for September! I get to go get my student id and all that jazz!

So until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.