Monday, June 13, 2016

Maker Monday and some other fun stuff!

Today let's start off with a trailer and end with some things I've been makeing... why?? Because it was a long weekend-ish (my kid had a PD day) and I'm happy and exhausted all at once!

The first look at Moana's here... finally! Yay Trailers...

What do you think? Okay, so there's really not that much to go on yet, but this looks to be awesome (and hopefully it will give us all some reprieve from the "LET IT GO" serenade in our houses that we've been dealing with for the past almost 3 year). Mind you I'm always up for a good Disney movie... and I'm prepared for the mass of tears that my result (because seriously there are always tears!).

To add something funny I recently (on my YouTube foray's) for this awesome thing called MisCast Gala put on by the MCC theater. This is where Broadway stars perform songs from roles that they would NEVER be cast in... it's seriously the best. I won't admit I watched this all night... I won't!

Here's just a taste... because OMG so much fun!

I also made two things this weekend (they should be up on Etsy soon!)

Obviously these are already taken, but the option to buy your own is always there! :)

What do you think? I almost want to make a giant one of each of them!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.