Tuesday, September 1, 2015


2 days and counting and today I am totally channeling my Peg + Cat... I'm "Totally Freaking Out". As all cosplayer's know nothing ever seems to get done in the time frame that you are planning to have it finished in. So instead of relaxing and packing and preparing the last few days you are scrambling around like a crazy person trying to get everything done.

I think there's a law for creative people where time lines and schedules get thrown out the window and are replaced with a crazy hectic last week that includes midnight sewing and a certain amount of panic. I know that that will be my next few days at least.

This is also the time where you take your grand ideas of what you want to wear and streamline them. Adding pieces you own to parts that you were planning on sewing. Making compromises for comfort and wearability in order to get things done.

It doesn't mean that the costume and the final product won't be amazing. All this means is that you have now created a great foundation for your costume next year. The thing to always remember is that costumes can be worn again and you can keep adding to them. Tweeking them. Making them even more fabulous than they started out as.
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I'm crazy excited for Thursday and walking into the convention but I've just started going through the Convention schedule and I'm really hoping that the schedule doesn't change that drastically. There's something nice about knowing kind of where you want to go in a larger convention. Then you don't run into the issue of really really wanting to see something that is 2 buildings and a giant line up away.

Hopefully I'll have more progress done on the cosplay's tonight and can show you tomorrow!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.