Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Camping like Wednesday Addams: The Tent!

Okay so I thought we'd try this for another week. I may even make Wednesday my regular Wednesday post if you guys keep being interested. So lets look at Wednesday's Tent today.

We have all been camping, or comfortable camping like I like to do, and had the "rough" it to some extent. I have been seriously thinking about what Wednesday would need for camping and the Tent is the main key to any camping experience.

Now there's no way Wednesday would camp in a typical tent like you or I would. They just don't have the right feel to it at all.

Source: Pinterest
I have always thought that there was some part of the Addams' that should be circus performers. There's something great about an old school Circus Tent. Okay, I know this is not actually practical for camping (mainly because these were set up with Elephants and 100 men) but the sure are cool.

I really like these tents by Wulfund. They actually have a wide range of products and colours (some actually have floors and you can add floors on afterwards if they don't). There's something rather fun about a Tent like this. I am sure that Wednesday would be quite comfortable in a tent that has a high enough ceiling for her. Heck, I'm not sure if she would actually sleep at night much anyway.

Source: Fieldcandy
Fieldcandy has a wide range of fun and funky designs on their 2 person tents but I have to say I think this black tent is rather suiting. How could you not see Wednesday sitting on a chair in front of the tent with her parasol and a good dark book. For me (other than the circus tent) this is the obvious winner.

Source: Fieldcandy
Fieldcandy has a lot of cool products on their site with fun designs. I know we talked about sun protection last week but I have to share this awesome sunshade! Where's something rather festive about this one. I think Wednesday would approve, mind you I really wished it was Black and White.

Source Pinterest
Speaking of Black and White this would be an amazing sun shelter for beside the camping tent. Mind you I can't seem to find the original posting of this item (I apologize, it's from Pinterest) but it is SO PRETTY. Heck, if Wednesday doesn't want it I would take it for my own Camping Experience

If you have any suggestions or what Wednesday should do next I would love to hear from you!

Until next time.
Keep on, Geekin' on.