Saturday, May 23, 2015

Chris Pratt discusses Indy and other stuff.

From an interview with GQ there appears to be a whole lot more of Mr. Pratt coming our way. (Image source)

I have to say the interview (also posted in tidbits on The Mary Sue) has left me happy and sad all at the same time! Other than the confirmation that Chris will not be involved in the newest Ghostbuster push, which isn't such a big deal to me, he also confirmed that he won't be likely to do Indiana Jones.

Epic SAD!

I was hoping that they would make a new Indy (not a sequel to the original) with Chris Pratt. He would be amazing and perfect. But I don't blame him for being a little overwhelmed with movie possibilities with his MCU commitments (2 to 4 more in the works!... and possibly being the the Infinity wars!!) and now with Jurassic Park coming out too. Who knows what else he has sneaking around for releases.

Well, I guess if we can't have Chris Pratt we can at least have Anna Kendrick instead.

Anna Kendrick does amazing in the Red Nose Day re-enactment of the Grail scene from Indiana Jones (found on Nerd Approved).  I think this may be an epic way to start a new Indy series. Let's cross gender it with amazing female cast. Who's with me??

Well, only a short post today. I have another fun guest blogger or two ready for Monday and Tuesday, I hope you like them.

Until next time.
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