Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Tim Burton and the Con Man!

When I think of Tim Burton this is what I think of...
and this:
I know he's done other things like these:
Found HERE
And some of them are dark, some are lighter but all Tim Burton has a slightly off quality too it. Now as a kid I really didn't like Dumbo. With the weird "high" scene and the older styles of cartooning, that even as a kid of the 80's I found was strange.

As a live action Dumbo I'm not sure if they are thinking more of a CG Elephant or real Elephant but I have a hard time believing that it will be a kid friendly movie. All I can picture is Tim Burton/ Salvador Dali styled Elephants flying over the Circus tent.

What do you think of this revelation??

On another note have you seen this??
Image from their Indiegogo
I would TOTALLY watch this show. I'm quite thrilled that they are fully funded in less then 24 hours. As a geeky individual in a geeky community I have one question: Did they really think that something with Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion would NOT get funded? Seriously??

Heck with the increase in shows like the Guild and Table Top and even Sherlock and the MARVEL INSANITY.... are we surprised that a show about actors in the Convention world gets a lot of buzz?? No not really. If anything I'm wonder why it wasn't done before. Also this opens up a whole slew of possibilities of Guest Actors/Actresses being on the show... which is very very very exciting.

Well, for now I will go revel in the possibilities of a comedy I may enjoy and the confusion bestowed upon me by Dumbo.

Until Next Time.
Keep On Geekin' On.