Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Some cool things (and a list... 3 days left)

So for our Wednesday Addams day, between working and taking brakes I managed to find some pretty cool geeky things online today. 

First off here's our Ode to Wednesday!
Found Here
Like most Gothy, Punky or just alternative little girls (meaning any girl not in love with Pink and Frills) we all loved Wednesday Addams. Instead of embracing my inner Bitch (as some are want to say) I'm embracing my inner Wednesday. Now wouldn't it be cool to have an Addams Family Movie with the Characters at the age they are now?? I wonder if Christina Ricci would actually be willing to play her iconic role or if , as some actors express, she doesn't like the character. I would love to see how she feels about being such a cult classic. 

On another note.

When I was a kid I never read Lord of the Rings. As a confession, I own the books (and the Movies) but I have never managed to read through the novels. I have no problem with dry or descriptive writing, and it may be because I watched the movies first, but I have never connected to the books the way some have. I have, however, always loved Dune. Do not watch the old Sting movie if you love the books. But if you are looking for a pretty good movie-ish adaptation I would totally suggest the Mini Series.  
Found Here
The did Dune (where they combined Dune and the Messiah of Dune) and the Children of Dune (which is the next book of the same name) in mini series. Both are pretty close (for a mini series) and have enough of the original feel to it that I like them. 

Well today I found this:
Found Here
All I can say is "The Mystery of life isn't a problem to solve, but a reality to experience." Well we've experienced Gummy Dune now!!! 

Another thing today was this:
Found Here
With a note saying there will be a big announcement in 8 days... seriously?? I have to wait 8 days??? That's like TORTURE!! But I'll manage to take a deep breath and survive. Once announced I'm sure we'll talk about it here. 

Now for a List:

Day 25: Least Favourite Words

1) You can't do that!
2) Intolerance
3) Rudeness.
4) Bro
5) Man (as hey man)
6) Wazzup
7) Cancelled

Well, on to another Geeky Night!
Keep on Geekin' on.